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Training and Certification

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer distance training?

Yes, we do! We offer a 12 week program which is open year round.

Registration is $2150.00 USD. Early bird fee is $1800.00 USD, if registered by August 15, 2018.

We accept enrollment in the Distance Program ongoing. Self-study options are available if you cannot attend scheduled sessions. Please contact for more details.

About the Trainer Program Process

Here is how the program works:

1. Once you have completed your registration form, submitted it to and paid your total fees owing, the Program Coordinator will send you the following:

  • A Dropbox folder will be set up for you and a link will be sent to you. The folder is where all documents, training tools and materials, schedules, fliers etc. will all be housed. Initially the folder will contain:

    • A welcome email containing your passwords and login information for the Civility and Culture resource center at and for MannersTV.

    • Your pre-training assignments, and a final agenda with details about the training location and information about how to dress, what to bring, etc.

    • Electronic copies of the 3 Civility Experts curriculum kits that are included in your package: The Good Apple Guide to Manners, Polite and Proud of it, and Etiquette 101.

    • A link and list of Optional Train-the-Trainer Webinars and/or online training or you will have the option of logging in and participating in these webinars or downloading them for review when it is convenient for you.

    • A practice exam for ICTC

It is recommended that you review these documents, online courses, resource materials and websites and start compiling information and reference material to add to your lessons and increase your general knowledge.

2. a) For LIVE training, when you arrive at the training venue, a Trainee workbook will be provided to you, at the end of your first day of training, the Program Coordinator will forward you a copy of the Etiquette Plus! E-book and any bonus materials you’ve been offered.
b) If you are taking a DISTANCE program, the Program Coordinator will set up a conference call or Skype with you and your assigned training representative /coach. And, an e-version of the Trainee manual will be added to your Dropbox folder.

3. Once you have completed the Live program, and/or once you have completed the Distance program requirements, you will receive your Courtesy Coach® Certificate. You will also receive the Civility Certified® logo and the Civility Experts Affiliate, and
ICTC logos. You are encourages to post these logos your webpage or blog.

4. If you have an affiliate package, you will be sent a press release about your graduation/achievement of the certification and Civility Experts and your local affiliate contact will post and promote your achievement.

5. For 12 months after completing the Trainer course, you will have the option of buying additional civility training tools, or taking another Trainer Certificate course, for example Civility at Work™ or Culture Coach™, High Style Image ™, Leading with Civility™, Executive Finishing School™ or Social Intelligence™ by distance/self-study at a special rate- you can buy any of these items through the Civility Experts webpage.


In Good Company Etiquette Academy & Finishing School is a social skills training business that specializes in programs for children, youth, and teens as well as general social programs for adults. Licensees are provided with everything they need to build a successful business including training to become an ICTC Certified Courtesy Coach©.

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