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Simply Charming

Simply Charming

      today are often told "You can do anything," and that's true, but just telling them isn't enough. First, they need to see us doing "anything" and then we need to give them the proper foundation.

We need to teach them how to do anything." 

- Misty Harris

Our curriculum focuses on building communication skills,  and personal and social etiquette while building confidence and empowering girls to embrace take care of, and feel good about themselves.


Make lifelong


Embrace what makes you


Become more 


to reach your goals

Learn to use your social skills

Our Curriculum

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Become your best           .


Our Class

Simply Charming was created to help young ladies ages 11-16 become confident when interacting with others, all while growing their own self-esteem. The young ladies learn how to show respect, consideration, and kindness to themselves and the world around them.

This class is conducted in a small group format to help young women begin creating their own community.

Our curriculum was curated to help young women become more powerful, productive, and especially polite! 


Simply Charming teaches four foundational skills that young ladies will use throughout their life.

Social Etiquette, Conversation Skills, Personal Etiquette, and Dining Etiquette.

These four foundations are the basis of civil and proper society.


From a skills standpoint, young ladies that attend social skills classes should feel more poised, confident, and prepared for life.


This class is conducted online only.

Classes are twice weekly beginning May 8, 2021 - June 6, 2021, taking place on
Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm Central & Saturdays at 3:00 pm Central

The Young Ladies learn:

Conversation Skills


Greetings and Conversation Skills

Personal Etiquette/Self Care
Visual Poise & 
Skin and Nailcare

Daily Regimens

Wardrobe Planning for the Well-Dressed Teen

Social Etiquette
Attending or Hosting a Party

Attending the Theater or Concert

Thank You Notes


Dining Etiquette

Table settings

Restaurant Manners

Tea Party Etiquette


And wait! There's so much more!


**A personally chosen box of supplies is sent to your young lady for this class.**

Class size is limited.



"This may become your daughter's first Cinderella moment.

I know it was mine."
Ms. Harris


Ready to become Simply Charming? Enroll below or contact us for more information.

Three Payments of $175.00
One Payment of $525.00