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Simply Charming


Simply Charming

      today are often told "You can do anything," and that's true but just telling them isn't enough. First, they need to see us doing "anything" and then we need to give them the proper foundation. We need to teach them how to do anything." 

- Misty Harris

Simply Charming is an amazing girls group created to help girls learn to do anything. Our curriculum focuses on building communication skills,  and personal and social etiquette while building confidence and empowering girls to embrace their strengths.


Make lifelong


Classmates in the Library

Embrace what makes you


Become more 


to reach your goals

Learn to use your strength      s

Our Curriculum

Become your best           .


Become more 

Our Curriculum

Simply Charming is here to do just that. It's in a group format to help young women begin creating their own tribe, or community. Our Curriculum was created to help young women become more powerful, productive, and especially polite. 


Simply Charming has four foundational skills that young ladies will use throughout their life..

These four foundations are the basis of civil and proper society.


 Young women will learn basic t0 intermediate communication skills, personal etiquette and social etiquette, and the basics of dining etiquette.

The outcome should be young ladies who are more socially aware, more powerful, more confident, and more driven.
From a skills standpoint, young ladies that attend social skills classes should feel more poised, confident and prepared for life.


This class is a mix of live online classes and live local classes. 

Classes run on Tuesday evenings and begin Tuesday, October 29 at 7:00 pm.


The students in the DFW area will have instruction and practice in the courtesies of attending a Cotillion or Debutante Ball and will be invited to attend a local formal celebration and presentation.

Online classes are on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm.
October 29       Conversations, Introductions, Social Success, Wardrobe 
November 5, 12 & 19th      Poise and Posture, Your Graceful Walk, Sitting Pretty
December 3 & 10      Host and Guest Etiquette, Thank You Cards & Invites
January 7                  Wardrobe, Skincare

Live Dance/Dining/Presentation Classes are on Saturdays from 3:30 - 5:00 pm.
November 16    Meet & Greet, Dining
December 7   Review, Correspondence, Dining
Jan 11, 25   Dance Lessons, Appetizers
Feb 1, 8  Dance Lessons, Dining

Formal Event Date is Saturday, February 15
White Dress/Corsage/Boutonniere/Dancing/Dining

"This may become your daughter's first Cinderella moment.

I know it was mine."
Ms. Harris


Ready to become Simply Charming? Enroll below or contact us for more information.

Two Payments of $150.00
One Payment of $300.00
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