Charm and Grace Debutante Cotillion


    Charm is defined as "the power or quality of delighting, attracting, or fascinating". 

Our youth deserve to know that there is power in simply being kind, courteous, showing empathy and using conversation skills to gain a successful foothold in their endeavours. Charm is a powerful skill to learn. 

We help polish the skills that build charm .


Grace commonly refers to "a smooth and pleasing way of moving, or a polite and thoughtful way of behaving."

Grace is a learned behavior, such as the training a ballerina  receives.

As young ladies grow and mature, often they begin to neglect their posture, resulting in body language and nonverbal cues that don't always promote confidence.


We help polish the skills that build grace.

Discover and embrace skills that propel 


Become more 


to reach your goals

Learn to use your strengths

Our Curriculum

Become your best           .


Become more 

Our Curriculum

Social Skills classes can help accomplish many things. The social skills that our students learn during the Charm and Grace Debutante Cotillion happen just once a year but have positive effects that last a lifetime. 

When our youth are more confident in themselves, they share that with others and together

they can change communities. 


Young women will learn:

Communication skills

Personal etiquette

Social etiquette

Dining etiquette

From a skills standpoint, young ladies that attend social skills classes should feel more poised, confident and prepared for life.

Your investment of $300.00 ( payment plan is available), per debutante will cover the cost of your daughter and her escort’s training and presentation. 


  • Included with your daughters participation, she will receive:

  • An invitation to the formal ball

  • Formal etiquette training for her and her escort from Ms. Harris of Texas Etiquette Academy

  • One keepsake of the formal invitation

  • One photo of the Debutante

  • One group photo (depending on Covid restrictions)

  • Formal waltz training for her and escort 

  • One silk-flowered wrist corsage for debutante and one boutonniere for her escort.

  • One pair of long white formal gloves


The previous class graduates ended their lessons with a beautiful presentation in the museum district of Fort Worth.

Due to Covid restrictions, our classes will all be conducted online and if possible, a class finale will include a special “Presentation and Pictures” event in February as long as it deemed safe for us to do so.


The number of participants is limited to 12.

If you would like a special young lady in your life to participate in her very first “Cinderella Moment”,  please reply to this email for registration information.

Live online classes are twice monthly on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm.

     Conversations, Introductions, Greeting and First Impressions
     Poise and Posture, Your Wardrobe, A Refined/Graceful Walk, Sitting Properly
      Host and Guest Etiquette, Social graces in public places,

Thank You Cards & Invites, Receiving lines and Escorting
       Wardrobe, Dance Lessons, Dining Etiquette

Formal Event Date is Saturday, February 20*
White Dress/Corsage/Boutonniere/Dancing/Dining

"This may become your daughter's first Cinderella moment.

I know it was mine."
Ms. Harris



*Covid restrictions determine the finality of the event


Ready to Enroll below or contact us for more information.

Five Payments of $60.00
One Payment of $300.00
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