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Business Training and Coaching 

Ms. Harris is able to serve clients worldwide in image, etiquette, manners,  communication training and coaching.
Verbal Communication:
Elements of speaking,
Understanding Communication Styles
Small Talk: The Art of Conversation
Listening Skills
Avoiding Communication Catastrophes
Communicating Professionalism:

Overview of communication

What does etiquette/civility have to do with communication?

How are your communication skills?

Components of respectful communication 

The 4 E’s Rule 

Communicating respect at work


Office Politics:

Is rudeness really an issue in the workplace? 

What’s the cost of rudeness to business? 

What are your hot buttons?

Untying the Knots – eliminating rudeness in the workplace.


Basics of Business Dining:

Why are table manners and dining etiquette important? 

Basics of business dining.

The power lunch.

Guidelines for mannerful meals

What's your Social IQ?

Dining scenarios.

Business Travel Etiquette:

Traveling for business

Destination “dos” and “don’t dos” 

Spa etiquette 

Hotel lounge etiquette

Golf etiquette

Post travel etiquette 

Sharing spaces

Corporate Civility
Profiling my client
The basics of corporate courtesy
Courtesy for out-of-town clients
Seasonal greetings and extending and accepting invitations
Dining with clients  Event planning 
Attending social events with clients
Golf Etiquette
Thank you cards
Corporate gift-giving
Mixing Business and Pleasure
What is networking?
7 steps to networking success 
How to network 
Leveraging social IQ 
Non-traditional marketing strategies 
Tips for effective cocktail communications


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