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Can you handle the truth? 

Good question!

It means that when working with you,


I'll be seriously devoted to getting you the best results possible so you can feel a sense of accomplishment!


Let me help you to step into a room and rock that place!


You will gain confidence in ways that you couldn't imagine and it all begins with a handshake!


Think about this.

With 24 years of experience with the military, I have learned to be: adaptable, interactive, sociable, enduring, encouraging, unique, able to see the big picture, organized, share a worldview from experience and point out that I don't do petty!


So, if you want to improve those skills, let's talk and get started!

So, what does all of that 

mean to you?

About Me

  • Mother of 5 and 4 additional "military adopted" children

  • Has lived all over the US and the United Kingdom

  • Loves to help others "become practically poised & polished."

  • Has a soft spot for warm cookies unless they have ingredients such as kale in them. (Just say "No" to kale!)

  • Has obtained the ability to give you "the stare" through the phone.

  • Can have you laughing at yourself in a few moments.

  • Trained Primary Montessorian.

  • Trained as a Midwife.

  • Can set a table setting in 60 seconds flat!

  • Hosted a radio & talk show.

  • Certified Courtesy Coach & Civility Expert

  • Social & Life Skills Specialist

  • Never stops learning!


I look forward to working with you,
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